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  • 25 Pro Tips for Working with FEMA: COVID-19 Edition

  • 25 Pro Tips for Working with FEMA: Lessons Learned That Work

  • Article: Mitigating Disaster: Lessons From Mississippi (2008)

  • Building and Sustaining Disaster Response Networks: Lessons Learned from 2017

  • Comunicado de Prensa por Ayuda Legal Huracán María - Nuevo Mecanismo para Apelaciones de FEMA

  • Disaster Legal Services for Flood Victims in Washington State (2007)

  • Disaster Legal Services in New York and New Jersey Post-Sandy: Collaboration and Communities

  • Disaster Legal Services Training Manual (2010)

  • Disaster Response Toolkit

  • DR-4362 Alabama Press Release Disaster Legal Hotline

  • Figuring Out FEMA: A Trauma-informed Resource for Survivors

  • Lessons Learned After Harvey: Working With FEMA and Advocating for Your Clients

  • LUPE v. FEMA Plaintiff's Motion For Summary Judgment

  • National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Improvements to the Claims Process

  • North Carolina Supreme Court Katrina Order (Hurricane Florence)

  • Pop-up FEMA Clinics Florida May and June 2018


  • Rapid Response Protocol: A Framework for Collaboration

  • Representing Consumers and Tenants when Hurricanes or other States of Emergency Happen CLE Training

  • Resilient & Ready: Transforming Disaster Response Through Technology and Network Building

  • Sworn Statement for Ownership Verification Approved by FEMA (Ayuda Legal Huracán María Press Release)

  • The Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018: What Legal Aid Providers Should Know

  • Weathering the Storm: Disaster Preparedness for Pro Bono Attorneys

  • Weathering the Storm: Disaster Preparedness for Pro Bono Attorneys (presentation part 2)