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  • Facing the Aftermath of a Hurricane - Filing Insurance Claims
    Article by October 2012.
  • Insuring Against the Fury of Mother Nature (PDF)
    Checklists prepared by Jenner & Block LLP for policyholder preparing to file insurance claims. September 2005.
  • United Policyholders offers help with many aspects of the insurance process, including a section that is disaster specific. United Policyholders Home Inventory app tool gives you an easy and fast way to document your property and securely store the records. Use it to take photos and enter basic information to create an organized visual record of your possessions and property.Download the UP Home Inventory App here
  • FEMA is revising their flood insurance procedures due to "issues" with Sandy claims.  Watch their VIDEO to get more information. 
  • The Arkansas Supreme Court held that depreciating labor is against public policy when calculating the actual cash value of a loss. View article here.
  • Texas courts have defined actual cash value as “repair or replacement costs less depreciation.” However, a Texas appellate court noted that actual cash value of property is equivalent to and synonymous with the fair market value of the property. View article here.


To find the latest information for those impacted by active disasters, visit the Active Disaster Quick Links at the top of this page, or go directly to our Hurricane Harvey resource page.    

The National Flood Insurance Program’s Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) can help qualifying policy holders meet the costs of rebuilding after a flood. And, with the help of ICC, future flood risks and flood insurance costs can be reduced. Learn more about the National Flood Insurance Program’s Increased Cost of Compliance and see if you are eligible to apply by clicking here

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