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Replacing Vital Documents

  • Do I Really Need a Will and Information about Advanced Directives
    If your Will or Power of Attorney are lost or if you've never had on, look here to decide what you need and which ones you can do for yourself.   See above for an article from the American Bar Association (ABA) about whether or not you do need a will.  Also, and resources provided by the ABA about advanced directives you might need to cope with a disaster.  They are good to consider having at any point in your life. 
  • Order Birth Certificates Online
    You can purchase a copy of your birth certificate from this reliable company, VitalChek Express.
  • Replacing Vital Records
    Specific information on replacing social security cards, medical cards, military records, immigration records, bank records passport and tax returns.


To find the latest information for those impacted by active disasters, visit the Active Disaster Quick Links at the top of this page.