Part 2 - Emergency Management Preparedness Manual for People with Disabilities

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The National Preparedness Division from the Puerto Rico Caribbean Area Office for FEMA Region 2 in partnership with the PR Core Advisory Groups (PR CAGS) will be providing the Part 2 of the Emergency Management Preparedness Manual for People with Disabilities. The Part 1 was conducted in March this year and covered the basics of this topic. Now, you will have the opportunity the get the detailed information and clarify your concerns and challenges when providing services to people with disabilities in times of disaster.

Betzaida Ramirez and Myrainne Roa from MAVI/Puerto Rico Core Advisory Groups will provide specific strategies for identifying where emergency plans typically fall short for people with disabilities and alternatives on how to make emergency plans more inclusive for everyone.  Ultimately, participants will receive the information required to review and update their emergency plans to ensure EVERYONE's safety in the face of future disasters. 

Who should attend? Emergency managers, municipal, state, federal government and interagency coordinators.