Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Counseling

  • By: National Community Reinvestment Coalition
  • Disaster Relief

Course Description

How do you begin to prepare for a natural disaster?  What are the steps to take after a disaster occurs?  Where can you seek help?  These questions, among many others will be answered during this three-day training.  Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Counseling training helps counselors understand the types of assistance from various government agencies, such as HUD, FEMA, USDA, NOAA and SBA programs, that assist with preparedness and recovery. We also cover the work provided by non-government agencies like Red Cross and the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Counselors will be encouraged to continue their learning about the various ways housing counseling agencies can prepare and respond to disasters.  The instructor will share tips, techniques, and best practices surrounding disaster preparedness and ways to find funding.


Learn how to access and utilize various disaster-related resources.
Help manage expectations, mitigate further loss, and serve as a valuable resource to persons and communities directly or indirectly impacted by disasters.
Understand various housing counseling agency opportunities for preparing and responding to disasters in our communities.

If you have any questions feel free to contact training@ncrc.org.