From Crisis to Calm: Communicating in an Emergency

  • Disaster Relief

Is your organization resilient enough to continue operating when a natural disaster or crisis strikes—while also communicating critical information to stakeholders?

In moments like those, communications experts like you need to act to ensure everyone stays safe and that what’s being communicated to the public is factual. If a hurricane is barreling toward your county, how do you warn residents ahead of time? What messages are you communicating while the storm is hitting? What happens during disaster recovery?

Join us on December 12th, from 2 – 3 p.m. ET, for a discussion on how you can prepare for emergencies ahead of time, action steps to take as the crisis unfolds, and what you need to do in the recovery phase. We’ll cover:

Steps to build organizational resiliency
What you need in your basic communications toolkit to always be prepared for disaster
Methods and solutions for targeting impacted audiences with the right message at the right time