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Severe storms and tornadoes devastated large parts of the United States along the Mississippi River and elsewhere in Spring/Early Summer 2011.

Legal Hotlines:

  • Georgia: 866-584-8027
  • Minnesota: 612-332-1441
  • Vermont: 800-889-2047

You can also find organizations in your state that can provide free legal help to you, if you are eligible, by visiting

You can apply for government disaster relief benefits online at

You can also find resources under For People Who Need Help.

Below are state-specific resources to help you address legal needs resulting from disaster:

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Tornado Emergency Legal Information in Minnesota

Updated information for victims of the May 2011 tornadoes in Minnesota.

The Insurance Aftermath of the Recent Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan, Flooding Along the Mississippi River, and Tornadoes in the South: Addressing the ‘Number of Occurrences’ Question

This article discusses the unique insurance issues presented by recent natural disasters that policyholders and insurers should address to increase the possibility of a successful claim. It examines the "number of occurrences" issue - the method used to determine the number of "losses" that an insured has suffered.

Recovering From Tornadoes and Other Natural Disasters: Your Legal Rights

Updated manual from Legal Services Alabama for victims of the Spring 2011 tornadoes.

Update on Legal Assistance for Alabama Disaster Victims

Updates from the President of the Alabama State Bar on the status of the FEMA toll-free hotline and other legal related news for disaster victims in Alabama.

Local Resources for Pro Bono Volunteers

Attorneys who are interested in volunteering can connect to local programs in North Carolina, Tennessee and other states as the needs arise here.

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